Chain Link Fence Installation Considerations in Bellingham

chain link fence installation bellinghamAre you planning to have a chain link fence installation on your property? Once you’ve decided what type of material to use, you’ll need to choose the size. There are several different sizing aspects to consider. Depending on your situation and your familiarity with the products available, it may also be helpful to ask a fencing contractor for assistance. 


You’ve probably already given the height of your fence installation some thought. While this type of fencing is easy to customize, there are some limitations. For instance, the majority of chain link meshes are only available in 3 feet to 12 feet heights. If you require something shorter or taller, consider other options. 


Another consideration is the chain link fence gauze. This is essentially the thickness of the wire, which can make a big difference depending on your fence’s intended purpose. Gauze sizes range from 6 to 13, with 6 being the thickest and heaviest option.


Mesh size is often related directly to the gauze size. It is the diagonal measurement of the interior squares’ diameter. In most cases, the mesh size will be 2 inches, which means the fence will have a gauge size between 11 and 9. A chain link fence specialist can provide options based on your gauze size needs.

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