Common Myths about Chain Link Fencing in Marysville

chain link fencing marysvilleIf you’re considering chain link fencing in Marysville, it’s important to become familiar with the many myths about the product before making an installation decision. Many people have preconceived notions about this type of fence that simply aren’t accurate. Here are a few of those misconceptions.

Unappealing Appearance

Chain link fences don’t have to be ugly. There are a number of alternative vinyl, PVC and polyester coatings available if you aren’t partial to the traditional galvanized steel metal look. These options are ideal if you have small children or pets, as they also resist rust development over time. 

Poor Security

There’s a reason chain link fencing is regularly used for perimeter security. While many home and business owners are concerned about intruders potentially climbing these fences, they are actually quite secure and safe. In fact, the chain link actually makes it easier for cameras and security to spot suspicious behavior long before anyone ever steps foot on your property. 

No Privacy 

If privacy is your priority, you can choose to have windscreens added to your fence with minimal cost and effort. This added barrier blends in well with the design and keeps others from seeing into your home. 

Interested in Chain Link Fencing in Marysville?

Northwind Fence Co. can install high-quality chain link fencing on your property in Marysville. Whether you’re fencing in your back yard or creating an animal enclosure, our team is here to help! You can count on our company’s experienced contractors for assistance with other fence types, such as wood fences, as well. Additionally, we offer superior installation services for decks and other outdoor features. Contact us when you’re ready to begin your project!

Installing High-Quality Chain Link Fencing in Marysville

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